Spatialize - Dryads Bubble

Spatialize: Sparking into existence around 1993 as an outlet for experimentation with new technology of the time, Spatialize soon progressed into the serious world of sequencing. Years later and after taking in trips to the Pyrenees and India, Spatialize was featured in and won Sound-On-Sounds ‘Top Tape’ competition. Proudly sitting on the cover CD was the first widespread public appearance of Spatializes’ music and inside was a glowing review of the songs and production work. After taking time out to work in the studio – and more worldwide travel – Spatialize have created the debut album ‘Dryad’s Bubble’

Dryads Bubble: The debut album from Spatialize and featuring tracks written to be performed at live shows around the country. Floating from pre-club breakbeat to post club chill-out, the influences of ‘Dryad’s Bubble’ include The Orb and Banco de Gaia amongst others. Sitting on the 3rd Stone label along with the likes of Mali Rain, Transambient Communications and Bass Communion, ‘Dryad’s Bubble’ stands with some of the finest underground electronic artists.


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